What is wireless penetration testing

Wireless penetration testing assesses wireless local area networks (WLANs). It uses associated wireless protocols and technologies, including Bluetooth, to identify and address vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorised network access and data leakage. 

The Challenges of Wireless Testing

The following have been identified as wireless pen testing vulnerabilities:

  • Rogue access points
  • Weak encryption
  • Default router setups
  • Wireless zero configurations
  • Guest WiFi weaknesses
  • Bruteforce weaknesses
  • Bluetooth exploits
  • WPA key vulnerabilities

The Challenges Of Wireless Testing

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your wireless devices.

  • Detect default Wi-Fi settings.

  • Identify rogue or open access points.

  • Identify misconfigured or duplicated wireless networks.

  • Identify insecure wireless encryption standards (such as WEP).

Our approach to wireless pen testing

A SecuriCentrix wireless pen test follows a tried and tested methodology to identify, exploit and help address vulnerabilities. Here’s how we approach a wireless assessment:

Why choose Securicentrix for penetration testing?

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