What is behaviour monitoring

Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA), or Behaviour monitoring, is also known as Network Behaviour Anomaly Detection (NBAD). It is the collection and analysis of network traffic to identify unusual actions or changes to normal operations. NBA solutions analyse data from a wide range of sources inside the network and aggregate data to identify unique patterns indicating a threat. 

When conducted over an extended period, behaviour monitoring allows organisations to benchmark typical network behaviour, identifying deviations. NBA is useful for identifying new malware and zero-day exploits.

Behavioural monitoring enables you to spot and investigate suspicious network activity and policy violations by authorised users and devices. Behavioural monitoring is seen as an enhancement to protecting the network’s firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and anti-malware software.

Cyber Security Challenges In Managed Behavioural Monitoring

  • Identification of anomalies can be difficult. 

  • Understanding the unusual user changes and inability to alert.

  • Analysis of insider threats is less efficient.

  • SOAR capabilities limited.

  • Forensic analysis is restricted.

The Benefits Of Our Services

Our Behaviour analysis solutions provide valuable insight to help defend against the latest cyber threats. Without human expertise to adequately tune the security of the system’s alerts, organisations will not benefit from our solution’s power. 

SecuriCentrix’s Managed Behavioural Monitoring service ensures that organisations leverage behavioural analysis solution for maximum effectiveness, supplying an experienced team of security experts to deploy, configure and monitor systems.

Network behaviour scope

Network behaviour anomaly detection utilises data collected from devices, infrastructure, systems and applications. Network behaviour monitoring tools and techniques include:

Why Choose Us

Attacks on your organisation can also come from internal threats. User behaviour monitoring is effective for detecting and preventing insider threats. Combining it with the experience of SecuriCentrix analysts, we can help you identify internal user actions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Security Services is when a company outsources certain security functions to a third-party provider, a Managed Service Provider or MSSP. 

Outsourced functions may include: 

Security Information and Management (SIEM) events logging and storage, the correlation of these events and the subsequent alerting ensure that the abnormal events investigated. Furthermore, if need be, that mitigation measure is put in place to prevent security violations.

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) whereby the MSSP will manage and administer the WAF residing in front of any web application. WAF also includes configuration management.

Our services

SecuriCentrix’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture. 


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