Incident response maturity assessment

The rate and variety of cybersecurity attacks are on the rise – it is not “if” we have a breach but more a case of “when.” There is widespread recognition that some cyber-attack events cannot be stopped, and focusing on preventing cyber events from occurring is flawed. Entities should improve their prevention capabilities with technology and tools while evolving their cyber detection and response capabilities. 

Responding to an incident can reduce losses, restore processes and services, and mitigate exploited vulnerabilities. Incident Response is the systematic approach taken to prepare, detect, contain, and recover from suspected cyber-attack and provides current and target maturity scores. Our Incident Response Maturity Assessment determines your incident response capability level regarding people, process, technology and information, preparedness, response, and follow-up activities.

We adopt the Cyber Security Incident Response Maturity Assessment model by CREST, a measure of the incident response capability. This assessment intends to understand the readiness to respond to a cybersecurity incident in a fast, effective manner.

What is a Incident Response

Incident Response Assessment is often a challenge for many organisations.

Time and resources
Organisations lack the time and resources needed to conduct a thorough evaluation of their capabilities.

Organisations lack the expertise and experience to conduct an objective and detailed assessment of their capabilities. Staff may not be entirely up to speed on the latest threat landscape.

Theory vs reality
Existing processes misleading because playbooks are not updated to reflect changes in the organisation’s threats and the security tools and technologies deployed.

Although executives and board members may recognise cyber threats as a top risk facing their organisation, a detailed analysis is often not understood. The types of threats and their impact can vary greatly, and those who recognise the risk can get stuck in an ongoing audit and compliance struggle — unable to see the forest for the trees.

Gap analysis
Identifies gaps in your incident response process with people, processes and technology

Maturity assessment
Determines the maturity of your organisation today and guides what level of maturity for the future

Action plan
Identifies areas where you can improve your organisation’s security posture and how you should prioritise them

What are benefits of Incident Response

  • Maturity Assessment – determines the maturity of your organisation and what maturity level you should strive for.

  • Gap Analysis – identifies gaps in your cybersecurity program.

  • Action Plan – Identifies areas of improvement and priority in your security posture.

To manage an incident effectively, you must have an appropriate response capability

Why Choose Us

The Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment strategically focuses on assisting you with your overall cybersecurity programs. An understanding of what you can prevent is the first step. With the understanding that you can’t control everything, organisations must learn how to detect and respond to the threats that exist in their environments.

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