WAF protects web applications against OWASP threats like SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Web application firewalls (WAFs) deployment and configurations can be complicated and time-consuming. 

Some install a WAF in default mode for compliance and never configure it correctly— leaving them vulnerable to application-based threats. We can deploy, configure, and get WAF as a Service- up and running in just minutes.

Pre-built templates protect your applications immediately, and an intuitive interface makes it simple to fine-tune specific policies. Full-spectrum DDoS protection ensures continuous application availability.

Cyber Security Challenges In Managed WAF

Your Application Security teams have very few options when it comes to defending your applications in production. As your organisations constantly change applications and migrate to cloud, the following challenges can occur.

  • Alert fatigue & no blocking: Your organisations can be overwhelmed with many WAF alerts or false positives.
  • Cyberattacks and false negatives: WAFs miss “hard to signature” attacks and give your organisation no context: (e.g., XXE, Regular Expression DoS, Java Deserialization).
  • Deploying in the cloud: Unable to scale your organisations’ applications code changes and rule modifications.
  • Latency issue: Inadvent rules may impact the performance of the application.

Cyber Security Benefits In Managed WAF

Managed WAF provides an essential layer of security monitoring HTTP traffic. By filtering through potential cyber threats at the point of entry, you can improve your organisation’s security posture. 

  • Protection against common OWASP threats
  • Agile protection against web application attack
  • Easily monitor or block traffic
  • Maintain compliance with PCI and standards
  • Customisable design to fit your environment
  • Quick incident intervention

Managed WAF provides an essential layer of security monitoring of HTTP traffic

By filtering through potential cyber threats at the point of entry, you can improve your organisation’s  security posture.

Why Choose Us

Dealing with malicious attacks on your organisation can be challenging to your resources, especially when it slyly hides amongst legitimate traffic. In addition, poorly maintained WAFs could struggle to maintain the security of your online presence. Our WAF as a Service provides a comprehensive solution to mitigate web traffic. Together with our security analysts, our WAF as a Service provides the skills and expertise to ensure that your web application firewall offers the highest level of security for your websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

By concentrating on HTTP traffic, a web application firewall (WAF) secures online applications. On the other hand, a standard firewall acts as a barrier between external and internal network traffic. A network firewall protects a secure local-area network from unauthorised access to prevent cyberattacks. 

A web application firewall is a type of software that creates a set of rules to protect your website to prevent unwanted online visitors from accessing your website. Threats like hacking, brute-force assaults, DDoS attacks, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and zero-day exploits can be prevented. 

WAF stands for web application firewall, and it analyses HTTP traffic for malicious content. When a threat is detected, it will either issue an alert, block, redirect, or perform a custom reaction. Blocked requests will be terminated at the network’s edge. This secures your origin server from attacks. 

WAF can be set up to identify a wide range of threats, including application-specific (IIS, WordPress, Drupal, etc.) as well as generic attacks (e.g., HTTP request violations, Java, SQL injections, etc.). 

An access control configuration is enforced by WAF across all traffic (i.e., cache hits and misses). This stops traffic from being blocked from viewing your site. 

A web application firewall should be used by any business that earns revenue through a website to secure corporate data and services. Organizations that employ online vendors should install web application firewalls since the security of outside parties cannot be controlled or trusted. 

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SecuriCentrix’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture. 


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