Working as an extension of your team to combat cyber threats

SecuriCentrix is a provider of independent information security and compliance services worldwide. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in information security and compliance. We help our clients recognise and control IT related risks and maintain compliance with all major industry regulations and standards.

Our Story

In 2010, SecuriCentrix was founded with the goal of providing pragmatic ‘value add’ compliance and cybersecurity services. We are the trusted security partner for organisations across Africa, Australia, Europe, India and the UK. In our early years, our focus was on PCI DSS compliance. We have evolved our portfolio of cybersecurity offerings based on the needs of our clients. With this feedback, we have expanded into Managed Security Services, Penetration Testing, Advisory Services; and more. 

We aim to deliver the best client experience with minimal disruption while facilitating highly effective operational cyber programs.

Our Mission

At SecuriCentrix, we aim to Secure Information and Technology for our clients in an independent capacity. Supported by our after service, we have developed a pragmatic approach to risk, security and compliance. This approach, allows our clients to implement appropriate security controls leveraging existing technologies where possible and thus controlling investment in new technology.

Our Approach

By understanding our clients business and determining the risk exposure of assets we assist them in managing and mitigating threats to their assets. 

We provide comprehensive knowledge and experience to plan and execute projects efficiently whilst maintaining the security of sensitive assets by providing impartial and independent advice.