What is a configuration security review

An insecurely configured network device can give attackers an easy route into your organisation. Our team of analysts can conduct a configuration review reducing risk by identifying security misconfigurations in network devices. 

SecuriCentrix security analysts have extensive experience providing network device configuration review that helps identify and address weaknesses.

The importance of regularly assessing network configurations

The evolution of business growth and digital transformation means it’s essential to ensure your organisation’s cybersecurity keeps up. New network devices can introduce security risks that could lead to an attacker gaining a foothold on your network and accessing critical data and assets. Many devices remain with default out of the box settings and hence vulnerable.

The Benefits Of Our Service

A network configuration review assesses devices, operating systems and databases across your networks. A typical engagement involves: 

  • Data Collection
    Our analysts use a combination of automated tools and manual processes to gather information about your network asset configuration.

  • Configuration Analysis
    Our configuration security analysts identify vulnerabilities by systematically analysing information collated across your network and comparing it to established baseline settings.

  • Reporting
    Upon completing our analysis, we deliver a report and debrief outlining key findings and a prioritised list of remedial actions to address any identified risks and exposures.

Scope review

Why Choose Us

The Network Device Security Review from SecuriCentrix can minimise the amount of time your organisation spends on benchmarking your network devices related to industry security controls and best practices.

Our services

SecuriCentrix’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture. 


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