The ISO 27001 Security Management System (ISMS)

ISO 27001 compliance can be challenging for organisations to effectively prioritise the necessary compliance measures, particularly if in-house resources have other priorities. 

As a cybersecurity services provider, SecuriCentrix helps your organisation assess and improve your ISMS with ISO 27001 controls to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR, POPIA and other regulatory requirements.

What is ISMS

The ISO27001 defines a global standard for information security management (ISMS). This standard outlines the best practices and security controls required for a robust information security program, one that successfully mitigates cybersecurity risk. The standards are comprehensive, including the technical controls, people and process involved in an information security program.

ISMS is essentially a set of business as usual tasks to maintain information security best.

In conclusion, ISO27001 is a widely applicable standard and an internationally acknowledged framework that can help implement best practice security. ISO 27001 can also serve as the basis for a potential GDPR or POPIA certification framework.


ISO 27001 certification is a detailed process, and most organisations will struggle to prepare for an audit without external assistance. Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities is critical to an ISMS, and the most effective way to do this is to implement a regular security testing programme.

Technical Vulnerability Management A.12.6 objective states: To prevent exploitation of technical vulnerabilities. 

SecuriCentrix team of penetration testers have experience helping organisations across a range of Industries build security testing programmes.


ISO 27001 threat and incident management.

One of the Information Security Management System requirements is developing a comprehensive suite of threat management controls for monitoring. Objective A.16 Information Security Incident Management.

Unless you have an in-house security team dedicated to Information Security Incident Management, it can be challenging to build the necessary capabilities to detect and respond to threats on an ongoing basis. SecuriCentrix Managed Security Service service supplies the people, technology and cyber offensive intelligence to hunt for threats and mitigate proactively.

We work closely with our clients to identify their business and security objectives and implement solutions that provide tangible security outcomes to satisfy these objectives.


Achieving ISO 27001 certification, an organisation must undertake a two-stage external audit process. The process is likely to include the following: 

  • Stage 1
    Preliminary assessment including SOA, Context and Risk Treatment Plan amongst other policies.

  • Stage 2
    Formal audit against the ISO27001 controls and clauses. Surveillance audits at least once a year is part of this process to ensure business activities are taking place to support ongoing compliance.

The Challenges Of ISO27001

  • Regulatory Governance
    The GDPR, POPIA and other privacy regulations require organisations to implement measures to ensure technical and operational controls for securing data.

  • Management
    Identify risks and quantify the threats to assets and ensure ongoing management of security controls and clauses as risks evolve.

The Benefits Of ISO27001

  • Increase reliability and security of information data and systems – patching systems and needing access to systems and applications.

  • Customer and third party confidence – stakeholders are confident the information and the systems protecting the data adhere to industry best practice security controls.

  • Increase in organisation resilience – organisations are better equipped to manage threats.

  • Improvement in management strategies and objectives – the ISMS aligns with business strategy and goals allowing for security throughout the organisation.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations – ISO 27001 provides a suitable framework for demonstrating compliance to GDPR and POPIA. By complying with the controls of ISO 27001, you can demonstrate assurance of compliance and with the ISO27701 can show privacy of data.

What needs to be assessed

Core focus areas for evaluation during the assessment:

Why choose Securicentrix for ISO27001?

Securicentrix is a CREST-accredited and award-winning provider of penetration testing services. Our ethical hacking engagements, including network penetration testing and web application testing, help organisations to achieve PCI DSS pen test standards by identifying weaknesses that could enable card payment details to be compromised by criminal attackers. 

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SecuriCentrix’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture. 


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