Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) is changing the payment ecosystem

P2PE helps reduce the risk of data compromises at merchants.   The deployment of a validated P2PE solutions reduce PCI DSS scope for card present merchants by eliminating clear text account data from card present payment channels.

What Are The Challenges

  • Key Management
    Well-defined policies and procedures and controls to enforce dual control for key generation, conveyance, and logging.

  • Suspicious activity 
    Define how suspicious activity is performed and escalations of activity.

  • Chain of Custody 
    Maintain a documented device audit trail throughout the device transportation.

  • Segmentation 
    Maintaining true logical, physical, and procedural segmentation of the decryption environment is encouraged to streamline the assessment and improve security.

Benefits to retailers

  • Reduced scope and the complexity of PCI DSS compliance

  • Greater protection for cardholder data

  • Decreased security compliance costs

  • Reduced threat of non-compliance and financial liability

  • Decreased risk of cardholder data fraud

  • Reduced software development cost

Our P2PE Services

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Experienced and Approachable P2PE QSAs
Our QSAs have in-depth knowledge and experience of the Payment ecosystem.

Remediation Advisory
Our QSAs guide you on non-compliance remediation requirements of the P2PE standard.

Well defined methodology
Our QSAs guide you most effectively while educating you on the process. Our QSAs provide feedback on the gap analysis, assessment and remediation phase.

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