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Managing Director
David is the Managing Director at SecuriCentrix. He has over twenty years of experience working within the Information Security and Compliance industries. David founded SecuriCentrix in 2010 initially working primarily as an advisory security consultant. David has brought in a team of security professionals in the areas of Advisory and Managed Security Services to support the services and solutions. David manages the overall risk of the company and supports the business growth. He engages in new initiatives, works closely with clients and the team to understand their needs, and aligns these with new solution offerings.  He also advises board-level executives on evolving cyber risks. David has used his expertise to deliver mitigating approaches to cyber security challenges faced by organisations today. David holds many certificates such as CISSP, CISM, CRISC, PCI QSA, PCI PIN, 3DS Assessor, P2PE QSA, ISO27001 Lead Auditor.
Principal Cyber Security Consultant

Adrian is a Principal Cyber Security Consultant. He has worked at SecuriCentrix for three and a half years and has over twenty-five years prior experience in the industry. Adrian’s primary responsibility is providing advisory services to clients. He also conducts a variety of assessments and audits for our clients based on PCI DSS, PCI PIN, PCI 3DS, ISO 27001, ISO27701, ISO 23301, GDPR and POPIA. As an information Security Specialist, Adrian has experience installing, maintaining and configuring various network security devices and solutions. Adrian holds an extensive collection of degrees and certificates. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information and Technology Management, and certificates in PCI DSS QSA, PCI QPA, PCI 3DS, ISO 27001 Lead implementor, ISO 27001 internal Auditor, Security + (S+). 

Principal Cyber Security Consultant
Jean-Michel (Peter)

Jean-Michel (Peter) is a Principal Cyber Security Consultant. He has extensive knowledge and experience in managing domestic and international risk operations, designing and implementing risk strategies, performing on-site risk reviews, compliance audits, consultancy engagements and training. Jean-Michel (Peter) has gained extensive global experience from working with banks, Fintech and Third-Party Service providers throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-East and Africa. He has over twenty-five years of experience working in the industry. Jean-Michel (Peter) has a wide range of degrees and certificates such as BA Hons Geography, CISSP, ISO 27001/IA, PCI-QSA, P2PE(QSA), PCI-3DS QSA, PCI QPA & former CPSA. 

Cyber Security Analyst

Sanga is a Cyber Security Analyst. He has worked at SecuriCentrix for over a year and has two years of experience in cybersecurity. Sanga also has over three years of experience within IT. Sanga monitors events and raises alarms when suspicious activities are identified. He also deploys USM Anywhere solutions, creates Play Books, and ensures clients follow best practices. Sanga has an MSc in Cybersecurity and an AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate.

Cuber Security Analyst

Jake has worked as a Cybersecurity Analyst at SecuriCentrix for seven months. Jake started with SecuriCentrix as an intern and soon moved up to a full-time Analyst, all while undertaking a master’s degree. As a Cybersecurity Analyst, Jake has further developed his skills through intrusion prevention, incident response, forensics, penetration testing, reverse engineering, and automation. Jake has completed an MSc in Cybersecurity, specialised in Forensics, and a BSc in Computing, specialised in Software Development. He is currently studying for Blockchain Security and Penetration Testing certificates. 

Cyber Security Analyst

Jordan has worked at SecuriCentrix for nine months. Jordan started with SecuriCentrix as an intern while studying for his master’s. He later earned a position as a Cybersecurity Analyst. Jordan has two years of experience working as a Learning Technologist prior to undertaking his master’s. As a Cybersecurity Analyst Jordan performs vulnerability and penetration tests on the clients’ environment and manages ASV scans on behalf of clients. Jordan monitors clients’ network traffic and responds to any identified incidents. Through his work at SecuriCentrix, Jordan has developed exemplary communication skills and improved his networking and ethical hacking skills. Jordan has achieved an MSc in Cybersecurity, a BSc in Computing, and a Higher Certificate in Computer Applications and Business Support. 

Cyber Security Analyst

Lee has been working as a Cybersecurity Analyst at SecuriCentrix for nine months. Lee monitors clients’ network traffic for security incidents and events. He investigates and responds to such incidents and events in real-time, providing clients with a detailed report of any incident, promoting security best practices for our clients to adhere to, and performing vulnerability and penetration tests on our client’s environments. During his time at SecuriCentrix, Lee has enhanced his communication skills through client engagements and report writing. He has also improved networking and ethical hacking skills through penetration testing. Lee has an MSc in Cybersecurity and a BSc in Computer Science, specialising in Cybersecurity. 

Cyber Security Analyst Intern

Gavin is a Cybersecurity Analyst Intern. He has worked at SecuriCentrix for four months. Gavin analyses and monitors clients’ environments. He also provides information security awareness training to our client’s employees and analyses client environments. Gavin has a BSc in Computing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Cybersecurity. He is currently undertaking an MSc in Cybersecurity while also studying for his Network+ certificate. 

Marketing Coordinator

Daire is a Marketing Coordinator. She has worked at SecuriCentrix for two months. Daire creates and implements marketing campaigns and strategies. During her time at SecuriCentrix, Daire has further developed her marketing skills through content creation, social media management, branding, and market research. She has an MSc in Marketing and a BA in Marketing Practice.