Security Awareness Training

Employees are not a cybersecurity problem. They are part of the solution. Prepare employees with industry-leading security awareness training, so they are ready. We provide personalised security awareness training and anti-phishing campaigns to help engage every employee to keep their education relevant and deliver training automatically. 

What is a Security Awareness Training

Cyber-attacks continue to make the headlines, and organisations are increasingly conscious of how vulnerable they are to threats. It is referenced that many breaches are due to human error.

Lack of understanding and importance
Many organisations don’t see the need for security awareness training as they haven’t encountered a cyber-attack. Security awareness training proactively educates employees on the different types of attacks and best practices for security.

Continuous Training
Security awareness training needs to happen constantly, and new material is updated too. The annual training these days does not suffice.

Employees need testing on learnings. Testing ensures employees seriously consider the training as a form of Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Organisations are obligated to demonstrate security awareness for new and existing employees as part of PCI, GDPR, POPIA and other regulations.

Benefits of Security Awareness Training

Automate Learner Management
Sync your security awareness and training program with your employee database to keep learner information up to date and segment training groups by location and department. 

Relevant Education 
Training regularly ensures that employees remain aware of the latest methods of attack. Our training material is constantly evolving and adapting with the frequent addition of new content. 

Customisable Phishing Simulator
Build simulated phishing campaigns from our templates to teach employees how to avoid phishing attacks.

Reporting and Assessment
Use prebuilt reports and dashboards to prove compliance, show progress to stakeholders and detect risk before a breach occurs.

Learner Assessments 
Measure security aptitude with learner assessments establishing baseline comprehension and uncover knowledge gaps.

What needs to be assessed

Core focus areas for evaluation during the assessment:

Why Choose Us

Too many organisations nowadays adopt a reactive cybersecurity approach, taking measures only after an attack. 

There tends to be a retrofit of security tools around existing systems, simply ticking off compliance checklists rather than security by designing new products and services.

This checklist mentality is inefficient and is at the root of several issues hindering cybersecurity role and effectiveness.

Security by Design is about enabling trust in people, process and technology so that organisations can take on more risk, lead change and innovate with confidence.

Our services

SecuriCentrix’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture. 


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