What Is External Vulnerability Scanning

An External Vulnerability Scan is a scan conducted outside of the network you are testing. These scans target external facing IP addresses throughout your network, scanning perimeter defences like websites, web applications, and network firewalls for weaknesses. 

If exploited, these IP addresses face the internet and since it is the entry point into your network, are the first target for any cyber-attacks. Running an External Vulnerability Scan will identify vulnerabilities these perimeter devices may have, allowing for identification, remediation and risk mitigation actions.

In short, an External Vulnerability Scan shows you gaps in your network’s perimeter defences that cyberattacks use to breach your network. A scan also provides you with actionable remediation information, such as the updates that are required to keep your systems secure.

The Challenges In External Vulnerability Scanning

External Vulnerability Scans for many organisations is a high priority challenge. The scans are critical for the overall security posture because attackers are increasingly targeting digital assets. This includes public facing portals and websites that often transmit sensitive information.

  • Vulnerability prioritisation
    Many organisations prioritise based on CVSS score and asset importance classification. However, this generates significant amounts of remediation.

  • Remediation Process
    On average organisations take 100 days to remediate a security vulnerability resulting in the window of opportunity for an attacker being wide open.
  • Governance
    Establishing the right metrics is key to a successful governance program and must have the flexibility to evolve with the changing threat landscape.

Benefits of Our Services

External vulnerability scanning is a part of an overall vulnerability management process and has become a critical task for IT security teams because of the evolving threats to perimeter defences. SecuriCentrix service delivers proven external vulnerability scans by identifying vulnerabilities in perimeter defences.

Our regular and consistent service delivers:

  • Identification of vulnerabilities on public IP addresses.
  • Continuous scanning to mitigate risk.
  • Reduces the cost of purchasing and maintaining tools and resources.

External Vulnerability Scope

Why Choose Us

SecuriCentrix is a provider of Managed Security Services. Our External Vulnerability Scanning Service helps organisations identify and resolve weaknesses that can be compromised by criminal attackers. In addition to using the best tools available, we also provide remediation advice and guidance on failed scans. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Three types of vulnerability scans conducted against an environment are internal vulnerability scans, external vulnerability scans and ASV scans. 

Internal vulnerability scans
Internal vulnerability scans are conducted from within an environment by either a qualified internal or external professional using business approved scanning software to identify the vulnerabilities and all the available ports for each system.

External Vulnerability Scan
External vulnerability scans are conducted from the Internet to the target organisation. External scans target external IP addresses in your network, identify vulnerabilities and all the ports that accessible from the Internet.

ASV Scans
ASV Scans are exactly like external vulnerability scans; however, they are performed by a PCI certified Approved Scanning Vendor to validate PCI DSS Compliance.

Yes. Any scanning company with validation from an independent standards council can conduct an ASV scan. 

Our services

SecuriCentrix’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture. 


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