Enhance breach detection with a managed IDS service

Given the sophisticated nature of the latest cybersecurity threats, traditional preventative security is now ineffective at protecting your business. To avoid damage and disruption, proactively detecting attacks inside the network and quickly shutting them down is now imperative.

SecuriCentrix’s Managed IDS service combines the latest intrusion detection technology and experienced cybersecurity experts to monitor for breaches continuously. Our security analysts eliminate the burden of IDS alert analysis, enabling your in-house team to focus on incident remediation.

What is an Intrusion Detection System?

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a security control that monitors network activity to identify suspicious behaviour patterns.

Intrusion detection commonly encompasses network and host-based methods. Network-based IDS (NIDS) is used for logging and analysing traffic flowing across a network to identify unauthorised or abnormal behaviour such as policy violations and malware. Host-based IDS (HIDS) includes file integrity monitoring, log monitoring, and rootkit checking to analyse individual endpoint devices’ activity.

NIDS and HIDS are passive – and are often alongside intrusion prevention systems (IPS), such as firewalls, and SIEM, which enables IDS entry correlation with security events from other sources.

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How can a managed IDS service from SecuriCentrix help?
Security knowledge is required to prioritise the alerts that intrusion detection systems generate. Yet, many organisations lack the security expertise needed to get the most out of them. SecuriCentrix’s Managed Intrusion Detection service relieves this pressure by providing a team of security professionals to analyse and triage alerts and provide actionable mitigation guidance to respond swiftly effectively to them.
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