Managed Digital Risk Protection Overview

A Digital Risk Protection Program (DRP) can protect your organisation from brand, cyber and physical threats. By monitoring all public platforms, including social media and the surface, deep and dark web, codeshare repositories and more, SecuriCentrix cybersecurity professionals can detect active threats, successful data breaches, and social media account takeovers. 

The impacts of these threats include damage to reputation and brand value, loss of customer trust, reduced revenues, regulatory fines, breach notification costs, and disruption of operations.

An effective DRP program enables your organisation to respond swiftly to digital threats from fraudulent websites, advertisements, social media accounts, notifying review sites and online forums about false and misleading postings, and alerting online marketplaces and app stores to counterfeit merchandise and fake mobile apps.

It also provides IT Teams with current threat intelligence to prevent data breaches by deactivating compromised user accounts, revoking stolen credentials, and strengthening security controls.

SecuriCentrix provides the support you need to leverage the latest security technologies. Whether you are looking for investing in new security technologies to protect your organisation’s information system or need assistance in managing and monitoring existing systems, SecuriCentrix is a one-stop destination for all your concerns.

We provide extensive security skills and knowledge on getting the most from the latest tools. Discover our range of managed security services.

Cyber Security Challenges In Managed Digital Risk Protection

Phishing Attacks
Protect your organisation from ransomware on social media, email and domains.

Account Takeover
Prevent your organisation’s social media accounts from attackers.

Email Compromise
Identify email impersonation attacks and remediate them.

Identify fake accounts targeting your organisation’s brand and business.

Information Leakage
Prevent sensitive information leakage and quickly identify breaches.

Physical and awareness
Receive early warning and awareness of attack plans online

Piracy and Counterfeits
Identify pirated, stolen or counterfeit goods impersonating your brand’s product or service.

Benefits Of Our Services

SecuriCentrix Managed Digital Risk Protection offers your organisation a range of security mechanisms to protect your public attack surface:  

Scope of Offering

Our Managed Digital Risk Protection Service (also known as Public Attack Surface) can help with: 

Why Choose Us

SecuriCentrix provides digital protection, intelligence and disruption services to dismantle external threats to brands, assets, people and data across the public attack surface within the monitoring platform. Together with artificial intelligence and expert security analysts, we can detect and investigate targeted threats against your brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Security Services is when a company outsources certain security functions to a third-party provider, a Managed Service Provider or MSSP. 

Outsourced functions may include: 

Security Information and Management (SIEM) events logging and storage, the correlation of these events and the subsequent alerting ensure that the abnormal events investigated. Furthermore, if need be, that mitigation measure is put in place to prevent security violations.

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) whereby the MSSP will manage and administer the WAF residing in front of any web application. WAF also includes configuration management.

Our services

SecuriCentrix’s security services are designed to provide the vital assistance needed to make tangible improvements to your organisation’s cyber security posture. 


Expert security services and solutions tailored to your needs

Assessment and Advisory

Specialist engagements to uncover and address hidden cyber security risks