The SecuriCenrix Partner Program

Whether your organisation is a managed service provider (MSP), a reseller or a system integrator, SecuriCentrix Partner Program lends you access to a set of cybersecurity services.

Partner with SecuriCentrix to keep your customers safe and grow your sales pipeline.

Why add our services to your portfolio

Stand out from the competition with security services in your portfolio.

Drive business success by helping your clients improve their security.

Offer cybersecurity services and create new revenue streams. 

Get the support you need to maximise your opportunities.

The security challenges facing your customers

The cyber threat landscape is vast and unpredictable, with attacks increasing in
frequency and sophistication. By partnering with SecuriCentrix, you can help your
customers address the unique security challenges facing them.

The threat landscape is continually changing, leading to new and more complex risks.

With global security spend rising, many companies have traditionally relied on preventative
solutions that cannot defend against all types of attacks.

In-house monitoring and assessment are complex and time-consuming, requiring dedicated
security professionals who are high-demand and expensive to recruit and retain.

The GDPR and PCI DSS and other security frameworks can result in organisations receiving significant sanctions for cybersecurity failures.

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Our services

From security testing to strategic advisory, SecuriCentrix is here to solve your most pressing security challenges. Our expert’s leverage years of industry expertise to give your teams critical insight and guidance on various security areas.


Expert security services and solutions tailored to your needs

Assessment and Advisory

Specialist engagements to uncover and address hidden cyber security risks